Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tulsi Tanti of Suzlon

Tulsi Tanti of Suzlon:

Brief Profile of Tulsi Tanti of Suzlon

Indian Entrepreneur Tulsi Tanti is the Chairman and Managing director of Suzlon. Sulzon , founded in 1995 , is one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in the world.
Tulsi Tanti used to be in the textile business.He was Faced with the problem of escalating costs and unavailability of power.He had to look for an alternative.Tulsi Tanti decided to go in for wind energy.He set up two windmills for supplying electricity to his textile plant.
During that time Tulsi Tanti realised that wind enery has a huge growth potential.This belief of his led to the creation of Suzlon.
Suzlon Energy had a humble begining in 1995 with just 20 people,today its has more than 10000 employees from all over the world.Suzon is the world’s fifth largest wind turbine manufacturer.Suzlon has a market share of around 10.5 per cent.Suzlon has presence in 20 countries including USA,UK, China,Australia, Netherland,and New Zealand.Suzlon is building the largest wind park in Asia.
The company has been facing some problems lately.Because of the effect of recession,the company saw a fall in its share prices.Also,an order for turbines was cancelled by California’s,Edison International.Every business faces ups and downs and Suzlon is no exception.Analysts are hopeful that the company will eventually recover.
Sulzon is aiming to be in the list of the top three wind energy companies in the world.

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