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Famous Russian People

13th Century
Rublev, Andrei - the most famous Russian icons painter
Donskoy, Dmitri - the Prince who defeated tatars
18th Century
Peter the Great
 - the person who created a Russian Empire and made it one of the most powerful countries
Ekaterina II (Great) - The most successful imperess of Russia, a very powerful and smart women.
Lomonosov, Mikhail - a peasant who lived in the north of Russia was so intelligent that he became the greatest scientist in Russia. He worked in physics, chemistry, math, literature and many other areas.
Suvorov, Alexander - the best Russian general. In the 18 century he defeated Osman Empire and almost took Istambul, he defeated French army in Italy and Austria.
19th and 20th Century
Pushkin, Alexander - genius poet, the main person in the Russian literature. (the portait below)

Kutuzov, Mikhail - is a student of Suvorov, won the War of 1812 year when Napoleon attacked Russia and captured Moscow. By his leadership we captured Paris.
Mendeleev, Dmitri - famous chemist, who invented the world-famous periodic system of elements (in 1869).
Pavlov, Ivan - a Russian biologist, who came out with an important work on animal and human reflexes ("pavlov's dog")
Tolstoy, Lev - a famous and great Russian writer. The author of "Anna Karenina" and "War and Peace". (the portrait below)

Dostoevsky, Fyodor - famous writer: the most popular novel is "The Crime and Punishment". Perhaps the best known Russian writer in the west.

Tchaikovski, Petr - best known Russian composer
Repin, Ivan - one the most popular painters (in Russia).
20th Century
Lenin, Vladimir - is the "father of Russian revolution", the first communist leader. His real name is Ulyanov.
Krupskaya, Nadezhda - the wife of V.I.Lenin. 
Tsvetayeva, Marina
A famous Russian poet
Stalin, Joseph 
- well known for his repression leadership
Zhukov, General - is a general who defeated Nazis.
Gagarin, Yuri - the first man in the space (1961). A national hero and a nice guy.
Vysotsky, Vladimir - a great poet, singer, and actor (70s).
Gorbachev, Mikhail- the Soviet leader who abolished the USSR
Pugachyova, Alla - used to be a very famous pop singer in the 80s, now she doesn't sing a lot, but is stilled loved by many Russians. I suppose it's more not for her songs, but for the image.
Eltsin, Boris - the first President of the Russian Federation.
Putin, Vladimir - the second President of the Russian Federation

The Nobel Prize Laureates

In medicine:
Pavlov -1904
Mechnikov -1908
In literature:
Bunin -1933
Pasternak -1958
Sholohov -1965
Solgenicin -1970
Brodskiy -1987
In chemistry:
Semenov -1956
Prigigin -1977
In physics:
Cherenkov, Tamm, Frank -1958
Landau -1962
Basov, Prohorov -1964
Kapica -1978
Alferov -2000
In economics:
Kuznets -1971
Leontev -1973
Kantorovich -1975
For peace:
Saharov -1975
Gorbachev -1990

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