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Claire Claflin

 Success Story One: CLAIRE CLAFLIN

Success is relative to the eye of the beholder. What is success to me could be different to yours. But, the purpose of presenting a once-a-week SUCCESS STORY from people who have done it, is to get inspiration from them.
Every Saturday, there will be featured people on this site who will share their wisdom and words of success and motivation. You will get to know people from different walks of life, who are true to their own selves,  passion, and beliefs. You will also learn how they’ve overcome difficulties and conquer their fears to become successful. You will learn many things and also be entertained.

Today, I present to you a happy and successful wife, mother and a fashion blogger from Weymouth, MA. When I first approached her about being featured on this site, her first reaction was, “But, Alpha I am not yet successful in my career. As you know I am only starting. But, all right I’ll do it!” I did not explain it further why I chose her to share her story but I immediately said, “Sam, but your blog!”
Yes, unbeknownst to many Claire Claflin (Sam to most of us) is the model, creative-thinker, costume-designer and fashion blogger behind her site Mom Fashion World, who has been featured and talked about in some local magazines and international websites, because of her own unique fashion statement. She has been in the blogosphere since the birth of her son, little Freddy in 2008 and has been consistently being followed by many fashionistas and up-and-coming boutique owners, who are willing to sponsor her.
When she is not busy putting together a photoshoot with her husband (her official photographer), she is fulfilling her Mommy duties quite contently.
Today, she shares with us her some of her thoughts. So.
Sit back and get to know, CLAIRE CLAFLIN:
1. Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living and where is your current location?
Nurturing and teaching my son is my priority in life right now. This is the biggest challenge I am facing every day in my town of Weymouth, MA..
2. What brought you to where you are now? Who are your inspirations in life? What motivated you to become who you are today?
My son and my husband- without them breathing would be harder, existing would be arid, and living would be life-less.
My sister Pham- my best friend; is the person whom I always look up to, and I must say that we have a much closer relationship among my other siblings. We are just a year apart so we are just like twin sisters. Just like other families, during our childhood, we had have gone through cat and dog fights, brawled and pulled each other’s hair, but because I was stubborn and she’s my big sister, she always humbles herself and understands me. But sometimes, it seemed like she really needed to bang my head on the wall to wake me and kept me sane.
3. Did you have a mentor or a teacher or somebody in your family who has given you some words of wisdom? Can you tell us about this person and how he/she impacted you?
My husband- my best friend, besides my sister Pham. He taught me to always think positive in life; always think on the sunny side of life. Life is too short, so live each day as if it’s your last and mostly just do it. Laugh-even though life is difficult sometimes, I still manage to smile. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Family is very important that I value them more and appreciate them so much.
My sister- I adhere firmly to her words of wisdom;
1. Stay fit, healthy and beautiful.
2. Work hard to provide for my family.
3. Live life.
4. Love well.
My Mother- Pray and always put God first in anything you do.
4. When you were trying to achieve where you are right now, did you experience some disappointments and failures? What are they? Can you explain how you overcome these circumstances?
I haven’t had a lot of  failures in life yet but when I do, acceptance is the essential way to successfully overcome catastrophe. Nevertheless, suffering is the successor to acceptance. I find any possible means for me to makes me stronger. I believe, I cannot change the predicament but I can change how I feel. It’s good to know that my loved ones are my inner strength. I call to mind that jillions of people out there who are going through the same type of problems that I am going through. Although life is full of problems, I have always prepared myself to face the vicissitudes of life. Since my son was born, I became firmly inward, and my perspective in life has deepened and widened. I do not easily give up, I am always a fighter!
5. What would be your next goal?
What I want to achieve in life is to have a good balance between my career and family. Nowadays, life seems to be always inclined towards work that people just have little time for family, so I would like to earn money from my job, concurrently to have ample time to do activities with my family.
I also want to have a healthier body, I want to get a toned body like The Duchess of Cambridge. Since I started working out I feel like I am becoming addicted with the fitness equipments. I struggled to keep myself away from exercising which has already become my daily routine. I want to be healthy forever. Exercise is essential to being healthy.
6. Has anyone of your friends, relatives ever told you what qualities they admire about you? What are they?
Very loving, very loyal, patient, sincere.
7. Can you share to us your philosophy in life and how this affected your success.
I believe in accepting and loving myself. I am who I am. I am not afraid on what others think about me. Embrace bad criticisms as constructive criticisms. The more I am challenged, the more I live in excellence. I don’t get annoyed about the things that I cannot change. The learning of letting go of the past events. I treat my adversaries with kindness, it will be like stacking hot coals on their head. Never give up and live life without regrets. Keep going, don’t stop, don’t look back, but don’t forget what’s behind you, just don’t dwell on it.
8. Do you have any advice to get better and be more successful in whatever we are doing?
First, know what you want to be. Once you have discovered what you want, focus on the tasks that help you make the most progress. Set a goal- it is the goal that keep us motivated and inspired because we know where we are going. Be positive and stay focused on your goal. Don’t give up.
9. Finally, what is your definition of success.
My definition of success is not only about moneyIt is being happy in what you do. It is a process of setting a goal and reaching that goal with positive results.

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