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When you go out in the classrooms, things are happening rapidly and things are happening beyond the teacher’s control. One of the intangible factors is the motivation level of the students. Some students respond well with extrinsic rewards and others with intrinsic. By human nature, every person is motivated to do something especially if there is a certain goal/reward at the end of the game. Yes – studying is a game in itself. It involves a coach (the teacher), the players (the students) and the rules of the games (see a copy of the school/student’s handbook).
And this is where it can get complicated – or maybe not.
Teachers definitely love students who are exceptionally good in and out of the classroom. These students make their lives easier and make them feel that they are really doing their job very well. Not that they do not feel fulfilled after calming down a group of rambunctious students in a day’s work – but it is a different feeling when a teacher delivers very well all that she has prepared for the day. It is in fact, a milestone for the teacher! The way students respond to classroom instructions could be taken as an indication of how effective a teacher is. This is actually becoming the norm or would be the norm of the education department of the United States soon. With the Race to The Top project of the US Department of Education, every public school teacher hopes that he can educate a class where all fifty students focus on the subject matter and accomplish what was asked of them to do in a given amount of time, without unnecessary classroom distraction. Talk about super students and super classrooms – but this is what every teacher’s dream to have!
This is why picking the best from the cream of the crop is special.
And then it becomes a gift when you are related to a student who is the ideal member of the classroom every teacher should have.
Today’s success story is my own sister. She is our youngest and also (I think) the prettiest! At an early age, she was crowned as a Camiling beauty queen. Although she didn’t graduate high school as the valedictorian, she has been a consistent honor student throughout high school. Now, on her fourth year in nursing school she has her eyes on the prize. She knows what she needs to do and how to do it. She is remarkable in her own ways as a student! She capitalizes on her strengths and learns from her weaknesses in order to grow better as a person and as a student.
Growing up, I saw her becoming who she is today: beautiful, intelligent and ambitious! Her birth order is partly to blame (read: being the youngest has its many advantages!). Her attitude is absolutely a push factor. Her study habits define her; her self-care  routine is impeccable;  and her goals - all lined up! A young adult with a determined spirit, she is a picture perfect for a classroom model! A true blooded Taurus, she is practical, purposeful, has a keen eye for beauty , extremely sensitive, patient and has a one-track mind about doing the job right…
and  there is more to learn from her.
Read more about Ms. Honey Rose de Luna Miguel, a daughter, a sister, and a notable student. This is her story:
AMS: Tell us about yourself – your family and education.

Honey Rose: My life now depends wholly on studying and schooling. I am 20, a senior Nursing student, and probably will still spend 4,6, or even higher years in school to take up Medicine. I can imagine that I would spend almost of my entire life going to school, taking information, but still want to learn for more because I know that my schooling will benefit me greatly in the future. As my parents would say “Education is the key to success”. Both of my parents, Mr. Conrado S. Miguel and Mrs. Leonida L. Miguel, are public school teachers before when they were still here in the Philippines. They are retired teachers now and together in Boston. I can recall during my elementary years when my parents always give me something to do during school vacation. They used to ask me to study about the subjects that I will be having the following school year. This perhaps instilled me a sense of responsibility with regards to studies.
AMS: What made you want to be in the nursing program? What do you think sets this course apart from the rest?
Honey Rose: Honestly, when I finished my high school then, I did not know what course would I take because I did not know what I really wanted for my career. Or simpler to say, I did not know what career was all about. So, my parents decided for me to take nursing. I did not make myself choosy and pursued with that course. It is just now that I realized I made the right choice because nursing really serves as a milestone in heading for a more promising future, especially when you work abroad.
AMS: How is it like to be a senior in college and also an A+ student?
Honey Rose: Being one is a demanding task. I am not confined only inside the campus to attend lectures. I also go from hospital to hospital where I am assigned for my clinical experiences and completion of cases. Plus the advanced review for the nursing board exam during Saturdays and Sundays.
AMS: Do you consider yourself a nerd? If yes, why? If not – who do you think is a nerd?
Honey Rose: A big NO! Because somehow I can be the lazy student who never reads any lesson on the night but still have words in my mouth to recite when the class begins. When I say that someone is a nerd, this kind of person does everything more than what is expected, as if everyone else’s has gone wrong.
AMS: How do you balance school and friends? What is your daily routine?
Honey Rose: I just set my priorities and stick to it! Like when my friends ring up or want me to hang out with them to parties, I learn to say no, especially when I have a class the next day. But of course, I will have to put up with seeing them when I’m available or when there’s not a lot to do.
Okay. So this is what my daily routine looks like. I basically wake up everyday 4 hours earlier before my class time. Yes everyday! I have my class from Mondays-Sundays! But you might be thinking why it takes me too long to prepare for school. Well it’s not that I cook my breakfast or something because we have our household help to do that. I just take an effort (a bit) to look good (laughs). Now if you’re one of these girls who thinks, “No way I’m going to get up early for some stupid beauty rituals — I want someone to like my hairy legs and all, I’m a free spirit, blah blah. . . .” Fine. I wish you luck! But for those of you who make the most of yourself, you can even ask me top tips on everything about the art of beauty. It’s one of my areas of personal expertise. PM me or freely write on my facebook wall.
AMS: What motivates you to always be the best you can be at school?
Honey Rose: My motivation is the rewards that I plan to give myself when I meet my targets, like going to the spa or buy that dress that I’ve been eyeing for months or whatever it is I want to do.
AMS: What are your strategies in acing quizzes and tests?
Honey Rose: Oh, I aced my quizzes and tests when I get adequate sleep. So it is really important for me to have some early nights — especially around exam times. It also works putting a few drops of essential oils on a tissue and inhale when I feel like my head is overstuffed with facts and my mind is growing fuzzy and weary.
AMS: Can you share to us your philosophy in life (in general) and as a student?
Honey Rose: We have this family tradition during the eve of New Year, our father would always asks us about our new year’s resolutions and ends up saying to us “Start the year right and end it right.” This is really true that what you started will be the ending result. Just like in studies, when you begin to manage it positively, results will also be positive.
AMS: Who inspires you? What makes you want to be the “best”?
Honey Rose: Of course my parents are the ones who give me inspiration. I know they are expecting something from me and I want to repay the same effort they bestowed on me. For all the time, they would devote their best just to make sure that everything about us is fine. I give praise and thanks for having wonderful set of parents.
AMS: Since you are the youngest in our family, do you believe that has something to do with your success at school?
Honey Rose: Yes. Being the youngest in the family means you have been compared to your elder sister/s and/or brother/s. In fact, I envy you before because you always get the praises and affection from Mama and Papa. I wanted to win that seat too, so I do better in school and get high grades and it worked!
AMS: What/who is /are biggest influence in your academic endeavor?
Honey Rose: My teachers, and more importantly my parents who always push me to greater heights and always there to remind me of the benefits I can get from good works.
AMS: I know you are also a beauty queen – if you were to choose between having looks but not brains or brains without the looks – which one would you want to be?
Honey Rose: Neither! In this day and age, there’s more to being cool than just wearing the right outfit. It pays for a girl to be street smart as well as beautiful.
AMS: In today’s generation, how do you see yourself apart from the rest?
Honey Rose: It has everything to do with accepting myself and appreciating who I am. Other teenagers that I know simply are not contented being themselves. They hate their face, their body, their hair, their dress, their speech manners, their capacity to think and so on and so forth. Hence, making them feel inferior to others. If you are feeling the same way, take it from me, you have to VALUE YOURSELF NOW FOR NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU.
AMS: As a student, what are some of the comments your teachers have made about you?
Honey Rose: “You did great in class!” ; “You were an asset.” ; “You got the highest mark among all the seniors!” All of these become my encouragements. It is heart-pounding and self-boosting and makes me feel good.
AMS: How important is it to prepare for an exam? What do you do to prepare?
Honey Rose: Preparing for an exam can be the path to greater achievements in the future. Besides  providing information, it also teaches me discipline, teaches me persistence and determination, teaches me time management, and gives me a lot of self-respect, confidence and pride for the achievements I receive.
I have a specific place to study where there are no distractions and I have space to lay out my books. But I don’t try to read all the set books in one short period! Time-management. A reasonable amount each day works better than last minute panic-cramming as I have so much to take in.
AMS: Next year is your graduation, what are your plans?
Honey Rose: It can be as simple as dressing up, planning a themed party or asking you and Mama and Papa to have your vacation here and see me march on the stage.
AMS:  How do you see yourself 5 years from now.
Honey Rose: My great expectation in life is yet to come. And it is now in the making. Maybe I will divulge it to you when this comes true in the not so far future.

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