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Tina Enad-Tagle

Tina Enad-Tagle:

Filipinos know her already.
And they absolutely love her!
She is almost a goddess – beyond compare!
She is being followed by everybody in Manila, especially in the fashion scene. In fact, I almost do not need an introduction for our SATURDAY SUCCESS Story Three – because she is already famous, successful and always beautiful! She is a fashion icon – but on top of that, she is a very proud mother to three gorgeous kids, and also a top blogger.
I started following her on her blog before that was shut down earlier this year. One of the reasons why she had to shut down her blog and keep a more private livejournal is that she has gotten so many fans and followers after Chuvaness wrote about her! There were so many Filipinos who want to see  who is this Manila’s most talked-about mother and number one fashion blogger (mind you, she started blogging in 2000, long before blogging is a word-of-mouth!).
Initially, I was so intrigued about her lifestyle as a Mother but above all as one of Manila’s most fashionable Moms! I became so enthralled by all her everyday outfit - - which, only the elitist in Manila can be seen strutting around on them! In addition to that, I love her brevity as a writer! She just writes what is on her mind, even if it meant being angry at someone. However, even if she writes as courageously as she does, I believe she is the only blogger who can write in the most elegant way! In fact, she has that flair – and I just absolutely love the way she puts herself together!
Since then, I have come to find out that MS. TINA ENAD-TAGLE of Oh, Life! is a remarkable, humble and a “real” person, despite being a Manila socialiate and the great life that she enjoys with it! Some of the things I love about Tina include her attitude, her wisdom, her humor and the way she connects with people. She’s got the gift of combining all of these wonderful skills to be who she is!
Tina is very down to earth. In fact, in one of her shout outs she mentioned about being friendly to everybody! That actually means a lot from somebody who has that kind of status quo from the Manila Socialite “group”. I can really attest to her friendliness and the way she treats people from diverse backgrounds. In fact, she will probably accept you as her new friend on Facebook if you put in a request for that! She is that friendly – and also, a very true person – inside and out!
As the editor of this blog, I have been anticipating for this segment to be posted – because I simply love Tina! In my wildest dreams, I want to be her: fun, fearless and always fashionable (no, let me edit that - she is the fashion!)
Here is TINA, trending on AMS today:
1. Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living and where is your current location?
- I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. In that order. I am currently living in Makati, Philippines.
2. What brought you to where you are now? Who are your inspirations in life? What motivated you to become who you are today?
- There are a lot of people I admire. Some I have met in person, some I have read their stories. It is difficult for me to pick one particular person that inspired me. I am every bit of pieces of each character I aspire to be.
3. Did you have a mentor or a teacher or somebody in your family who has given you some words of wisdom? Can you tell us about this person and how he/she impacted you?
- None. But i have followed some of my Mom’s traditions on being a family unit. I followed it not because I believe it to be right but because it has molded me to be the kind of mother that I am now. You could say, I went thru life on my own instinct and has basically taken the bull by its horn. I failed some, I won some. Fair enough.
4. When you were trying to achieve where you are right now, did you experience some disappointments and failures? What are they? Can you explain how you overcome these circumstances?
Oh, definitely. Disappointments & failures, that is what life is all about. You will eventually become the person that you are on how you handle the disappointments and the failures that you go thru. I handled mine based on what I wanted my children to be in the end. It has always been about my children, it was never about me. Is this the right thing to do? I don’t know. Who knows?
5. What would be your next goal?
- When the kids will have their own lives, I want to live by the beach. Wake up each morning with the sound of the waves and it will be about beautiful sunrise and sunsets, from then on. Becos from then on it will be about feeding my soul. Will I be with someone? I have no idea. Will I want to be with someone? Yes.
6. Has anyone of your friends, relatives ever told you what qualities they admire about you? What are they?
- They all like my candidness, my being funny and my being down to earth.
7. Can you share to us your philosophy in life and how this affected your success.
- Success? I don’t know what success is. I don’t even know if I am close to being successful. If you look at me from the outside I may look like a beautiful person, but I am not even half as beautiful as I am if you look at me from the inside. But for someone to say that about me, you have to know my story and my journey. I am full of scars, and I am beautiful becos I healed myself beautifully. And if you call that a success, then I guess I am.
8. Do you have any advice to get better and be more successful in whatever we are doing?
- the only thing I can say is, be yourself. Be good at being a good person. Strive to be happy and travel light.

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