Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mom, You’re a Rockstar

In celebration of Mother’s Day across the globe, we are taking this time to honor all the Moms, Mommy, Mama, Mami, Nana, Mader, Maji, Madre, Mamma, Amma, Me, – who are always there for their children and their families. Happy Mother’s Day! Cheers!
To my mother, Leonida Felix de Luna Miguel, here is for you!

Mama, you’re a Rockstar! And that is for real…
I may not say this on a regular basis, but yes you are a Rockstar!
Perhaps, my very own rockstar! You may not know that (because I keep it to myself) but actually, you have always been. I just could not find the right description for you. But, now that I am able to put together the right word, I want you to hear it. I want you to keep in your heart and in your mind that I admire you for many things you have shown us throughout these years; that you are my ownRockstar when it comes to these things:
Your strength:
Your love:
Your patience:
Your faith:
Your determination:
Your modesty:
Your beauty:
Despite all these years that I thought I did not need you anymore, I look back and I want to say to myself, “shame on me!”. I have been pretty much the stubborn, strong-willed and very much independent daughter that you always had! I have predisposed the fact that I still need you, my Mother! After all, no matter how old I am, no matter where I choose to go and whatever I decide to do for myself, I owe you my life!
For goodness sake, I may not have been here having a grand old’ time  if not for you (and of course, Papa!). I may not be writing this piece if not for you. This is why, I would like to thank you for all the countless things you have done for me – not only because it is Mother’s Day but because it is the right thing to do as your daughter.
I know you told me before that no matter what/where or how I will be, you will always be there for me!
I know those words are true – and I am counting on you when you said that.
I know I can always fall back on you when I need help.
I know you will always forgive me when I would ever do something unimaginable (not that I will, or perhaps).
I know you will always accept me for the things  I may have said to you.
I know you will be there…
Because you said so and because you are my mother!
You are the only one who can make that huge of an impact on me!
After all, isn’t that what’s Rockstars are all about? Being influential, admirable and extraordinary.
Mama, I adore you…not just because you are my rockstar but more importantly, you are my Mom!
I Love You Always!

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